Be present where you are, Keep growing and be grateful.

23.07.16 Nijmegen Netherlands.

Today I realized something.. Everything is working in perfect Harmony! As I sat in the park taking in the afternoon sun and occasional pot smoke in passing, I thought more about the lessons I have learned here on the boat. One of the main realizations I have had is to accept life as it comes including when things don’t live up to my expectations and to feel the feeling of dissapointment and to just let it go. Don’t try to over-analyze the situation because most of the time you won’t be able to see the purpose of being in that moment or place until the time is right. I guess this comes back to me learning how to be in the present a forever struggle of mine. I have only ever felt that once with someone not some where. However today was a bit different, I meditiated in the park and I could feel every vibration in my body and it felt as if all my senses were heightened. Kind of blissful!

I discovered that you need to be where you are and not where you think you should be because everything comes at the right time. The attention given to that space between where you are and where you think you should be creates a feeling of seperation and resistance. Misalignment with yourself. So, by focusing on “not being where I want to be” shifts you in a weird place emotionally and vibrationally. Your attention or focus on problems gives you more problems like a vicious circle, but if you focus on solutions you are guided towards more solutions. Sounds easy right! Instead of not focusing on not being there yet I need to direct my attention to appreciating the journey, how far I have come and the process of growth and change. Where I am right now is PERFECT. If i was to experience my experiences or achievements any moment sooner I would lose them and they would slip away. I need to be patient and close that gap in my mind.

A Painting of the Yoga Boat

To Summarize, I have come to see that I need to be more in the present, grateful for every challenge good and bad and to realize that sometimes it isn’t all about me. Perhaps my purpose for being here on the boat wasn’t to serve myself but to help others to be more mindful and aware. I think Raquel realized some of her own things too and that my thoughts hopefully helped in the process. It feels good to help and to see other people´s journeys in progress too. I hope that Raquel, Marloes and Teus and even their cat will continue to develop and grow as i do too.

Thank you Universe for this experience!


If I look lost, find me but do not ask me to come back just yet. Sit with me in this “lost” place with your eyes wide open and maybe you will understand why I come here so often, what draws me to my Neverland. Find me, but bring me back when I am ready and awake. Maybe then you will understand me a little better. Maybe we could get lost together.