Couchsurfing in an abandoned School.

28.07.16 Eindhoven, Netherlands

In the last few days Raquel and I tool a quick trip to Brussels before heading to Eindhoven to catch our flight to Faro,Portugal. Brussels wasn’t one of my favourite places as it was high on surveillance because of a threatened attack. There were soldieers patrolling the streets everywhere with machine guns and it really made me sad to think that this type of intimidation is needed now. It gave such an odd vibe to the city.

A forever feeling of being watched.

We also had a bad couchsurfing experience in Brussels. We met a local man that offered to host us and during dinner he proceeded to get drunk on a bottle of wine that he ordered. I felt kind of bad that I didn’t want to drink the wine however I am trying not to drink and I also hate wine. So his solution, drink the whole bottle himself even though he was supposed to be driving us home. Throughout the dinner he became increasingly hostile and insulted me the entire time about being an ignorant English speaker who doesn’t bother to make an effort with learning languages. An unfair judgement to make as I love to learn new languages and interact with other cultures, why else would I want to travel!

Anyways, after the meal the bill came and I attempted to do the math in my head of what we owed. Raquel told him that he should pay for the wine because we didn’t drink it or ask for it. That is when the shit hit the fan. All of a sudden drunken dude starts freaking out quickly storms inside the restaurant and then leaves. All in the while we were sitting there with wide eyes trying to figure out what the hell just went wrong. He left us at the restaurant with no where to go at 11,30pm. Dandy. I was grateful for it to end that way as I totally would not be comfortable with staying with him or him driving us home drunk as a skunk. So, thanks Universe. You got my back.

Thankfully, we had an amazing experience in Eindhoven couchsurfing with a really interesting character called Nick. He was tall and thin with long hair and reminded me of someone but I couldn’t put my finger on who. His place was absolutely wicked, he lived in an old abandoned primary school building with his friends. The government in Holland rent it out to them for a good price to keep it running as long as they promise to be out in a moments notice if needed. The rooms were huge and had such great energy to them . He kept old records and posters of Pink Floyd decorated the walls of a warm earth toned living room with a huge drum kit in the middle of the room. What really caught my attention was the ginormous cabinet he had against one of the walls. When I looked inside I was so surprised and happy to see that they were crystals! So many crystals , of different colors and shapes. It was the first time that anyone my age has really expressed an interest in crystals too so I was very happy indeed to talk to Nick about them.

We had so much to chat about and talked about deep, meaningful topics which my soul always craves. We sat around, drank delicious tea, listened to music a pyschadelic rock band called Goat and smoked a lot of weed. Good weed. It was the perfect place to smoke as for one its in Holland so no worries and the vibe was wonderful. I felt so comfortable and connected. I know it was the Universes way of showing me that I am on the right path and that I will continuously find more people with the same interests as me. It makes me feel a little less strange. Most of the people I know from growing up would probably read this and think “ What is this girl talking about, the universe, crystals and shit?” but I know the right people will get it.

I was having a hard time making some last decisions to go to Portugal or Poland however in the end I have decided to take a chance on Portugal. I know I will have amazing experiences there.