Favourite Moments in Budapest.

Hitchiking with Alexia to lake Balaton ( Sorry Mum!)


Practicing Yoga and Meditation with Alexia and Danish

Yoga practice

Celebrating my birthday at Szimpla Ruin Bar

Having the most amazing last night-everything seemed so in sync with the Universe

Climbing the Chain Bridge

Learning to skateboard with Odhrain

Learning the tambourine with Joao

Having my Mum to come visit me

My mom and I

Getting high with Alexia and Bostjan ( you should probably just stop reading Mom) .

Hanging out with a cool Canadian called Alice

Alice and I after climbing the Citadel

Having deep meaningful conversations with Dani, Joao, Bostjan, Alexia and an icelandic dude named Daodi

Realizing I did not want to return to college and continue to travel

Playing cards and overall spending crazy nights with Marc and Chelsea the longest staying guests!

Playing cards with Alexia, Marc, Chelsea and Dani at Lake Balaton

Spending time in the fort with the Robot

Hanging out with awesome dudes Aidan and Chris from Australia

I hope to meet all of the amazing kind souls on my journey again.

Paprika Family; Claudio, Chelsea, Me, Marc, Lorenzo, Alexia, Dani, Brooke, Alannah and Joao
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