Meditating on a Waterfall in my Knickers

21:08:16 Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Yeah you read that right.. Yesterday we visited a friend of Raquel’s named Roque in a town called Viana do Castelo. We took a blablacar to the city and I sat in the back and read my book “The Power of Now” — He talks about being able to detach your mind and in the process of bringing you closer to the present moment. I highly recommend reading this if you have not already. We walked around the city a bit watching the locals prepare for a festival the next day. When we went to the supermarket, I went to go take some money to buy food. However, when I saw my bank account I got a huge shock. I know I have been volunteering and haven’t made money on my travels yet, but I didn’t realize that my money would run out so fast. At that point I almost freaked out but I stayed calm and remembered to be in the present moment. Luckily I have a small amount of money saved, intended to pay my student loans but they will have to take a back burner now until I find a job within the next few weeks. I can almost hear my mothers worry when she read it, but do not worry Mom I got this! Looking at my statement and seeing -50 dollars all I could do was laugh. Partly because it was terrible and I had no idea how to handle it, but partly because it was strangely amusing. A test from the Universe I decided to take it as. This gives me the direction, knowing I need to find work and support myself and my future travels . So, I see you life challenge and I raise my vibration!

Anyway, back to what I was wanting to write about. I had the most splendid day in nature. How can you not have a wonderful day in nature I hear you ask? True, but this, this was on another level. Raquel, Roque and his friend and I went into the mountains. We drove through the forest and saw so many areas that have been affected by forest fires that occurred in Portugal last week. It was so sad to see such a huge area of ​​devastation. Once strong and tall trees destroyed, charred black and bent over drained of life. Looking further into the distance, I saw black and brown shadows around the mountains. The air was thick and heavy, with a strong smell that will undoubtedly last for weeks. As we drove through the eerie silence Roque explained about the houses that were affected by the fires. I can not imagine what it must be like for people who live there experiencing that fear and devastation.

Eventually, we reached our destination, another waterfall. For some reason waterfalls keep showing up in my travels or dreams. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning. As usual, the bottom of the falls were full of tourists so we decided to climb further to the top. As we walked, I noticed these beautiful turquoise dragonflies fluttering around the water so beautiful and vibrant they were almost glowing. Once we reached the top we were happy to see it was more secluded since we didn’t bring any swimming gear. The water was ice cold, but I jumped in anyway and decided that I would take this time to accept the cold and discomfort because I knew it was all in my mind, it was a challenge to be in the present and just be. I submerged myself under the water allowing it to flow over and around me and silently thanked the universe for this experience, feeling and everything I have experienced in my travels so far. I realized how this is what travel should feel like more often. Happiness. Oneness. Gratitude. I do not want just small glimpses of synchroncity or fun, but always, or at least most of the time. That’s what travel is all about otherwise, I might as well be stuck in the dreaded R word.. Routine. I needed it to change my vibration to one of acceptance and gratitude and stop worrying. Money can’t buy these experiences, this wisdom or even this waterfall.

After swimming a little more, I decided to go to the edge, the face of the waterfall. Following the water and just sit back and be still. So I meditated. I felt my body deeply recharging from all of the stresses of the past and noise of life that I was slowly feeling affected by. Connecting to nature, the trees, the birds, the running water and silence. It was spectacular. I felt so energized. Noticing how my breath combined with the rhythm of the water flowing. Looking down below me in deep diving pool blue water looking effortlessly flowing drop by drop. As I focused and took a deep breath in my belly I smiled at how beautiful it was and how connected I felt at that moment.

As if from nowhere, When I was watching the wind in the trees a tiny creature crawled out of the rocks near me. A baby frog! So small about the size of my little finger nail. It was the second one I was lucky enough to see that day. I thought about how, although so small, in contrast to me and how small I am in contrast to the waterfall and forest we all still connected. One. At this time a dragonfly in the distance caught my attention and made its way through the water, the trees in the sky and all the way to me. He landed next to me and the baby frog .It made me smile, I find it funny that different species can live together in harmony, but humans can not. Before I knew other dragonfly landed on our side. This has to be some kind of sign I thought, I need to take more time to be in nature, to meditate and to feel at one with life. This feeling connected-ness with my environment and inner peace was absolutely amazing. Here I was sitting on the face of a waterfall in my knickers. I couldn’t but laugh thinking how crazy I must look. But damn it, I was happy.

Unfortunately I was stopped by some passers-by, a group of people rising to the top with cameras and selfie stick in tow. I watched them from my meditative pose hoping they wouldn’t disturb me. But they came up and started taking pictures of themselves. I watched them, but they were not looking at the beauty around you. The three girls posed in their bikinis pushing their assets out and making kissey faces for the camera. Trying to act sexy in nature, I guess. If I was not feeling so Zen that time I probably would have considered pushing them into the water. I’m all for capturing moments, but there is a time when your best to capture in your mind than to Instagram. As fast as a click of a camera that they were gone. Not even once admire the view.

It makes me frustrated when I see people like this. Doing things for justification in social media and hiding behind masks. I was guilty of that too once. But no matter what you share or the masks that you wear. The way you experience life and see it is what matters. It is the vibration that you are transmitting to the world. You can post to your heart’s content on Facebook to show others this filtered life as you want it to be. But what really matters is your soul, your being and what you put out of this world. This is what attracts you to or pulls you away from the life you want, depending on how authentic you are.

I know some people might not understand me or think I’m a little crazy with all of this Universe shit, but that’s ok. Everyone has their own journey, their own story to tell. If people don’t understand your journey it’s okay. It is not theirs to figure out, it’s all you baby.

As beautiful as the day at the waterfall was I didn’t feel the need to take any pictures of it. I was too busy experiencing it. To do so would have devalued it somehow, made it less special or personal so you will have to settle for my descriptions.

I hope I have done it justice.