Summer Solstice in Budapest


Budapest, Hungary.

Summer Solstice was my last night in Budapest after spending the summer volunteering at Paprika Hostel. Kind of romantic for my final night on the longest day of the year! I couldn’t have asked for a better night or better people to spend it with. It started with Alannah, Brooke, Bostjan and Lorenzo and I heading to Bors Gastrobar for the last time. Bors has the most amazing and cheap sandwiches that I have ever had the delight of tasting! Afterwards we made our way to the top of Fishermans Bastion for amazing views of the city. It was such an emotional ( as always!) night for me looking down over what I had called “Home” for 2 spectacular months and seeing the city glisten with lights and the moonlight reflecting in the Danube river. Budapest is an amazing city that I have an insurmountable love for, “The Paris of the East” that many wouldn’t think to visit. However, I prefer it to Paris. It’s grungey and bohemian with such wonderful vibes. It is completely straightforward in its beauty and never tries to cover up its flaws -Probably what a good boyfriend would be like!

While at Fishermans Bastion we drank , laughed and reflected on our time spent together and I found myself wishing that time could stand still and I could be with these amazing people for longer, I wished that Alexia my soul sister and Dani another volunteer I really clicked with could be there on my last night but I sent them good vibes wherever they were. Afterwards, we went to go meet the other workawayers at Szimpla- an eclectic ruin bar that turned into our local and on the way, I did something crazy!

I CLIMBED TO THE TOP OF THE CHAIN BRIDGE. Yes, thats right, all the way to the top with Brooke. Perhaps it was the rum or the nostalgic highs I was experiencing but it was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. As we climbed I could feel and hear the rumbling of the cars and trucks passing underneath us, I wasn’t sure if it was the bridge or my legs shaking. Brooke had no fear at all climbing all the way to the top and encouraged me to climb higher. Higher is certainly what I felt! The view from the top of the bridge was breathtaking. I sat in silence for a moment taking it all in and thanking the Universe for the amazing journey I was on in life. I promised myself that I would do more things like this that make me feel alive. Szimpla was the perfect way to end the night, we smoked Shisha, ate carrots and danced like mad men especially Bostjan which I assumed his only moves would stem from the robot. Then the clock struck 3am, time to go pack my bags, sleep for an hour or two and then make my way to the airport.

I know from my heart that this workaway with Alexia was a gift from the Universe to help me get back to what is important and learn things from amazing people along the way. I so excited to go on my next adventure, I will be living and working on a Yoga Boat in Holland. I will be a vegetarian, practice yoga and meditation everyday and hopefully reflect on life a bit more. This is what I need to stop, reflect, appreciate and grow. As much as my time in Budapest was magical it was also challenging at times ( perhaps making it even more magical) Being around so many people all the time was draining as I found myself absorbing many different energies good and bad. I have really learned a lot from this experience, to not take life so seriously, the power of the law of attraction is mindblowing ( more on that later), to be in the present moment which is still a work in progress and although it is bittersweet, people come and go from your life but that’s okay because even though it may be temporary many lessons I have learnt from people have been permanent. I have a hard time with this especially when I get attatched to wonderful people.

Also, I have made a positive and kind of big life choice. No matter how unsure I am of my future I have decided not to return to Canada or college as I have realized that this 9–5 generic lifestyle is not for me. I want to experience life and travel not just learn from a book. I have learnt so much in the past few months that no college course could ever teach me. I hope to persue a more holistic, spiritual and alternative lifestyle and eventually study Reiki and Hypnotherapy. I am so grateful that my friends and family support my journey but I know now that is it more important what I do with my life for myself rather than doing it to please others or fit into a box. I am an Amethyst Gypsy at heart- and soul too! Thank you Universe for strengtening me, giving me so many wonderful opportunities and abundance in my life.



Climbing the Chain Bridge
Cheers to Budapest!
Part of Paprika: Bostjan, Me, Lorenzo, Alannah and Brooke