The Moon is More Magical

13.06.16 Barcelona, Spain

I am writing from Barcelona which has by no means been a picnic in the park! We came at a very crowded time in August which a local informed me is when all of the Spanish take their holidays which for us means crazy accomodation aka staying in a McDonalds using wifi for hours on end to secure where to stay for the night. We have to hop between accomodation to accomodation because usually places are only available for one night making this trip more stressful than anything. Thank god that I got to see my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Danny who is so sweet. I met him for the first time and I have never seen her so relaxed before, I am so glad that she found someone that makes her so happy.

Tonight Raquel and I went to this “Magic Fountain” we arrived in time for the show and it was jammed packed with people and kind of anti climactic. I realized how no one was even looking directly at the fountain, instead through their phones as a looking glass. I have noticed that people constantly feel the need to take photos of every.single.thing as if they are on auto pilot or feel the need to be in some competition with experiences on social media but in the process they are too busy behind a phone to experience anything! We sat on the steps surrounded by people and unfortunately we happened to be sitting next to some very ignorant people. A British trio who were complaining about the men walking around selling water and beer to passers by. The woman yelled “Go away, piss off you waste of space.” and continued to talk about how these people were pests. Her partner chimned in saying “ They’re just N****r’s anyway”. I was so shocked at how rude this dude was and at that moment I just wanted to deck him.

For the life of me I can’t understand how people can be so judgemental and racisist towards other human beings. This man was just trying to make a living, he is the one working right now while these people sit on their asses thinking they are better than him. I caught this guy´s eye and he quickly looked away in what I hope was mortification for being such an asshole. But doubtful. Someone like that clearly cannot be capable of remorse or empathy. I decided in that moment to call the man selling the drinks over so I could buy something from him and to spite the dickhead sitting next to me. But when we had to pay 1.50 euro for the can of coke Raquel was a bit put off by it and started to argue which kind of defeated the purpose of calling the man back over. As not to embarrass him further I quickly took the change in her hand vowed to pay her back and payed him knowing he definitely deserved it. I tried to explain how it really wasn’t a big deal 50 cents extra wasn’t the end of the world and clearly this man needed it more than us at that stage but she didn’t really understand and seemed annoyed. He was so grateful to have this tiny amount of change and he grabbed my hand to shake it and to thank me. After this we sat in silence for a while.

I looked around me and thats when I noticed how beautiful the sky was. A milky purple with shooting stars, four stars aligned in a diagonal position under the moon. Directly underneath, The four pillars of Catalonia stood tall and I realized how beautifully synchronistic this universe can be. This image was so much more beautiful than any “magical” fountain could be. It is strange to think that everyone there was having the same experience but in a different way. Everyone is connected, nature, the moon the stars and shockingly enough even people holding selfie sticks looking in the opposite direction. Just like the man selling beer and the British tourists, we are all the same, we are unified, connected and intertwined and we are all playing the same game that is life. Unfortunately it is society that teaches us division.I looked around to see if there was anyone else seeing this too however sadly I seemed to be the only one looking in the direction of the moon but I know that someone somewhere else was having this same experience. Surely! I hope that someday our paths will cross. And, even though this was such a beautiful image of the sky, the universe and all of the surroundings. I didn’t take one picture that night.