The Yoga Boat from HELL

20.07.16 Nijmegen, Netherlands

OK maybe thats a bit extreme but I got your attention didn’t I !

Excuse my lack of creative writing but I am feeling so drained and tired that I’m just going to tell it as it is.. After a whirlwind and wonderful time in Ireland catching up with unexpected people and in Belgium meeting up with an old friend I met in Barcelona 3 years prior, I am now doing my next workaway on a yoga boat in Nijmegen, Holland. I have been here a week already but it is not what I expected. Marloes and Teus the owners of the boat are such sweet people but do not seem to be as spiritual as I expected owners of a holistic retreat to be.

I am here with Raquel I girl I met at Paprika Hostel last month and we have been deep scrubbing every entire inch of this 50m boat. It took us three days to clean the outside, one funny thing that makes us laugh is how Marloes would get so shocked whenever Raquel would kill spiders, she constantly instructed us to go get a glass with paper and to coax the spider into the cup, climb around the boat and onto the shore and let it free. I am all for human life being cherished and whatnot but if we had to do this with every spider we saw we would be there for months! Instead I just chose to let them be, Raquel chose to squish them. To each to their own I guess.

The good thing about this whole experience is that there is a cat on board, we aren’t supposed to have him in our cabins but every night I sneak him in as I find him comforting, sort of a reminder of home. The town Nijmegen that I am in doesn’t give me the nicest vibe either. It is rather dull and dreary and very industrial for a town in N.L. There are guests on board but they are participants in this crazy walk that the town has for a week straight and they don’t really have any interest in alternative ways of thinking. This whole experience has certainly been a challenge and I am often wondering why I am here, what is the purpose of this if I am not enjoying being here and feeling exhausted all of the time? Is it because it is making me appreciate other experiences like Budapest? I just know that in my heart it is time to leave which I have explained to Marloes and Teus this evening. Thankfully they were very understanding, Marloes told me she believes I should follow my instincts and leave when I feel the time is right. So today I made a plan..

I am going to leave here on the 25th of July and go to Brussels with Raquel and then afterwards we go to PORTUGAL!! We fly out from Eindhoven to Faro and then somehow have to find a way to Porto in the north. A hostel there told me I could come work for them so I of course said yes! I will stay for a month, travel to Barcelona to see Sarah my best friend in Ireland and Joao from Paprika. I am so excited to see them.

Lately I have been talking to someone from the past, almost every day we have such meaningful and insightful conversations that I just cannot get enough of! I often find myself thinking of him and wishing he could see the things that I see on my travels. I really hope he can come visit me sometime. He told me, wherever I go he will come find me and I really hope so. Who knows! I am so excited to go to Portugal however I am a bit nervous about the heat as my poor lily white Irish skin probably can’t handle that much.. We will see!

Today Marloes and Teus gave us a parting gift which were these beautiful crystals one for grounding ( Red Jasper) and one for light and joy in life ( Yellow Calcite) it was so thoughtful of them. Teus told me that I had healing in my hands and that I should learn to use it one day. Funny because I never mentioned to him that I want to persue Reiki.

Some positive things about the Yoga Boat

Being vegetarian and learning new recipes

Watching an amazing movie called Mr Nobody- if you haven’t seen it you should probably change that

Getting to know Raquel and the people here

Accepting dissapointment and not over analyzing things so much

Sleeping Deeper from the hardwork

Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing in Utrecht and going on a canal boat through the river

Booking my ticket out of here

Connecting to someone from the past

Learning new Yoga poses

Discovering Hagel Slaag — chocolate sprinkles that the Dutch put on toast.

Learning and being given the nickname Gekkie ( Dutch for crazy little one)

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