Twitter’s New “Conversational Ad” Type Forces Interaction?
Dustin W. Stout

Twitter’s New Conversational Ads — personal experience

Well, here are what I saw personally using Conversational Ads — especially Instant Unlock

On the day I used Instant Unlock., I received %589 increase in mentions. I’m not talking here about what my account gained, what I want to show is how people actually loved using it and were more than fine tweeting the pre-populated tweet I had chosen

I also gained 325% increase in mentions — so it really is conversational!

Moreover; people showed interest in checking more of my content and viewed my profile (644% increase on that day)

Conversational cards/ads does come with pre-populated tweets, but that doesn’t stop you from editing what’s inside the Tweet Composer box, you can always change it the content.

Also, when conversational cards are combined with “extra stuff” it can be very rewarding for users

See Brndstr example, they asked people to vote for thier favorite teams during #Euro2016 — and with every choice people made, an auto-reply came out from @brndstr with that user’s name on T-shirt of team they voted for!

At many points — Brndtr had to stop their auto-tweeting because they exceeded the limit of auto replies they can tweet per-day

25,000 tweets in less than 6 hours! imaging how conversational “Conversation Ads” were?

People loved it!

Here’s a timeline of what happened with me personally

I ran a series of Twitter POP QUIZ — on an Twitter Chat for #IOTTT hashtag, the quiz was about features on Twitter that many people don;t notice, and the hashtag was for group of social media mangers in Egypt — training provided by Fady Ramzy


Personally, I don;t think it’s forcing anyone to do anything, you only select / click a hashtag because you want to join that hashtag, and you tweet the per-populated tweet because you like the tweet or want to be part of “What’s Happening”

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