The Dangers of the Ego


It feeds off of the superficial and our fears. It can be so strong that we don’t even realize how much it affects us. We can unconsciously fall into the trap of the ego. Consequently, it is the product of our surroundings. We live in a society where it is praised and fed constantly. Do you continuously feed your ego? Do you try to satisfy the ego of others? These are questions we need to ask ourselves because we could be unconsciously doing it, or even intentionally for approval. This doesn’t necessarily mean we need to completely dispose of our ego, but we need to realize when it is dominant and taking over. When it takes over, we indulge and get lost in it. When your worth becomes dependent on the external and the superficial is when you need to get back into alignment with “source.” Source, being your true authentic self, your higher self, your soul self. The self that doesn’t need anything to be… it just IS. It can not be harmed by anything. You are an unconditional loving, wise, multidimensional being, filled with happiness and joy. Who are you with everything stripped away? Imagine it. Embody it. Never lose sight of it.