Game developers must avoid the “pay me for my work” attitude
Gurth Snisley

Other than the fact that you are denying every artist on earth their human rights to pursue happiness.

You think that working 80 hours a week should be the norm and that people shouldn’t complain about it if it is art related…because, hey! they love what they are doing so lets take advantage of that right ?

Working in the games industry is a job like any other job. You work for someone who makes money off the work that gets assigned to you.

At the end of the day you are selling your time which you will never get back. That’s what you get payed for.

How much you get payed depends on how valuable your time is.

I do agree that hard work is what creates talent and also value for your time.

But you think that hard labor is where it all counts when we live in an era of technology and science.

Today’s factories are being automated to a certain degree and I believe that fishing ships will be replaced by drone fishing ships in the near future to minimize human labor.

The hard labor as you knew it in the past will eventually cease to exist in the future.

That is called efficiency in a globalized economy.

I believe it is time for you to move on from your per-industrial way of thinking and start looking for a better future for everyone. Not just yourself.

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