Condemning Hate & Redoubling Efforts for Change

Our entire team at the Global Impact Investing Network is deeply outraged by the wave of violence and racism targeting Asians across the United States, Europe, and Australia. We join millions around the world in mourning the victims of the shootings in Georgia last week — and yet, tragically, we know that they are only the most recent, most visible victims of a broader trend.

We condemn this hate in the strongest possible terms. It must stop.

As we have said all too recently, these are deeply challenging times for those of us who believe in the dignity of every human being. Hate targeting one group among us must be met with the same level of condemnation as hate targeting any other group.

Racism is fundamentally antithetical to the more inclusive, more equitable, and more just future that impact investors are building toward every day. The GIIN is committed to amplifying the voices and work of leaders within and beyond our industry who are driving progress toward that future.

In this moment of renewed pain, we must use our outrage as fuel to redouble our efforts for change.

- Amit Bouri, Co-Founder & CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network

Co-founder & CEO of @theGIIN Sharing insights & driving conversations about #impinv to transform the way we think about solutions to problems around the world.

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