The Next Wave of Wellness

In the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of products in the health and wellness space, from fitness trackers to meditation apps. Although, we’ve made a ton of progress in developing products that promote wellbeing, there is still a lot of unchartered territory to explore.

Products that help people adopt new mindsets, change habits, and set goals

Technology is well positioned to help since adopting new behaviors requires reminders, repetition, and motivation in the moment. Most of the existing products are simple check-in apps that create a feeling of progression and achievement.

I think there is an incredible opportunity to create products that feels more personalized and coach-like to help you modify your behavior, identify & change limiting beliefs, and set new goals to tackle. It’s import to dissect goals to understand the core motivation and fears/beliefs associated in order to help people achieve what they desire and to grow.

Products that connect people in more meaningful ways

Each of us have a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and presence to share with the world. The psychology literature around altruism, compassion, and reciprocity shows that we feel good when given the opportunity to help others. Our social and professional networks are a treasure trove of untapped support and advice.

Apps like Quora and StackOverFlow show that when given the opportunity people enjoy helping each other out.

Apps like Whisper, TalkSpace, and Better Help show that there is a desire to share and be vulnerable to get help.

Apps like SnapChat and Instagram show that we enjoy sharing life moments with our friends and family.

How do we create the next social network that allows people to truly be vulnerable by asking questions, solving problems, feeling supported directly to their existing networks of friends and colleagues?

Solving for this has the potential to unleash a ton of good in the world. Being able to practice vulnerability, empathy, and compassion on a daily basis with your close friends & colleagues can not only super-charge relationships but also make people feel valued and heard.

Products that disseminate life wisdom in ways that are interesting and directly applicable

Positive psychology, self-development, spirituality, religion, philosophy, memoirs, biographies— there is so much information out there on how to be happy and live well.

We’re still living in the world where you have to read a book or attend a class/workshop to glean this information. This is suboptimal since life wisdom is most relevant in the moment, especially when things feel hopeless.

How do we create products that can package all this wisdom up in a way that is directly relevant to what a person maybe experiencing in the moment? How do we give people the flavor of wellness they’ll be most excited to apply?

I’m planning on brainstorming and testing ideas in each of the above areas. If you have any interest in connecting or collaborating connect with me!

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