Angular 6.1 MEAN Stack App with GraphQL — Employee Payroll/Salary App with complete source code

In this Article (Video), I am sharing community version code for one complete MEAN Stack App using all latest versions in MEAN Stack MongoDB4, Angular 6, GraphQL.

GitHub Repository Link

Developers will be able to download entire source code, deploy it on local machine or on cloud and I will leave it up to community developers if they want to enhance this as per their need and make more changes.
Please fork/contribute to this community project.

I recommend to please take this video as a design pattern discussion where I am attempting to make a point that how can We use different technologies to solve real work problems and deliver a great quality app.

Tools: MEAN Stack (latest) Angular 6.1, NodeJS 10.8, Express, GraphQL and MongoDB 4.0 or MYSQL

Using this design pattern, any old client/server software (like VB/SQL or JAVA/Oracle) can be converted to new design to replace or run in parallel with original software.

Also, Developers can easily deploy this as an executable desktop app, host it over premises or over cloud and create an Android & iOS mobile app easily.

This design pattern is built for Big Data technologies and supports millions of transactions and can be applied to any front end like React, VueJS, HTML/JS/Bootstrap/Project clarity to achieve any look and feel.

And Same concepts can be applied to connect to almost any database of owners choice at the back-end like MYSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle or CouchDB, MongoDB, Google Firebase etc.

Please contribute and leave your comments to my GitHub Repository.

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