Disrupting Yourself: Special Offer for Medium Readers (Limited Time!)

Alex Mitchell
Dec 3, 2019 · 4 min read

What is Disrupting Yourself?

We are living in a period of massive, unbelievable, and relentless change.

Disrupting Yourself is the powerful set of lessons you need to help prepare for that change and learn how the rules have completely changed in the new economy.

For a very short period of time, I’m offering Disrupting Yourself pre-orders to my Medium readers for $4.99. In a week, this price will increase to $9.99.

Grab your limited-time discounted copy of Disrupting Yourself here: Pre-Order Disrupting Yourself

P.S. If you’d prefer paperback, that’s available here too: Disrupting Yourself Paperback

How Can I Learn More About Disrupting Yourself?

You can learn more about Disrupting Yourself at www.disruptyourself.co or on Amazon.

How Can I Pre-Order Disrupting Yourself?

Kindle Pre-Orders are available for a limited time at a Medium reader special price of $4.99: Amazon Kindle Pre-Order

Paperback available here: Disrupting Yourself

Disrupting Yourself Chapters

Which sounds the most interesting to you?

Chapter 1: Disruption is the new normal — it’s happening faster than ever before.

Chapter 2: The Fallacy of “Careers” in the New Economy

Chapter 3: Building Your Network in the New Economy

Chapter 4: Once You Stop Learning You Stop Disrupting

Chapter 5: Everyone Needs to Build a Brand

Chapter 6: Diversify Yourself for the New Economy — Have a Side Hustle (or Two!)

Chapter 7: Invest in Technology, Invest in Others, Just Flat-Out-Invest!

Chapter 8: Pay Attention to Trends — How to Recognize Change Happening

Disrupting Yourself Sample (Chapter 2)

For generations and generations, people just like you had a career. You may even think you have a career right now. That would be wrong.

Career: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

Given what you’ve already learned about the changing nature of the economy and the acceleration of disruption, can you see just how antiquated the idea of a “career” truly is?

If you don’t have a career, what do you have?

You have a set of current skills and a capacity to learn new ones. Your current skills have mixed levels of relevancy, needs in the market, and degrees of talent or proficiency.

Think of your current skills as a poker hand. Sometimes, you’ll have a full house (or even a royal flush if you’re extremely lucky) and other times you’ll feel like you have a pair of 2’s. Perhaps you’re feeling more like the latter today, which is what led you to this book.

It should be your constant mission to keep acquiring new cards, upgrading the ones you have, and making sure they match to what the market wants and needs. It can feel odd to “discard” old skills, but this is extremely healthy.

For example, when is the last time you were impressed that someone mentioned “Microsoft Office” on their resume? I’m sure this was impressive at one point (perhaps the mid-1990’s?), but today, that “card” is worth less than a 2.

We’ll get back to acquiring new cards and upgrading the ones you already have in Chapter 5, but for now, let’s talk about how job searching has changed in the new economy.

You’ve likely gone through several job searches over your “career” that look like this:

  1. Big event happens (company layoffs, office shutdown, relegation to a lesser position)
  2. Dust off resume
  3. Apply to similar positions at similar companies
  4. Pray that you stand out enough to get a phone interview
  5. Prepare for the interview
  6. Pray that you stand out enough to get an in-person interview
  7. Prepare for that interview
  8. Pray again that you get the job
  9. Repeat

Sound familiar?

If so, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Job searching has completely changed in the new economy.

Read more of the free sample chapter here: Disrupting Yourself Free Chapter

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CPO @ICXMedia | Co-Founder @joinbullseye | Investor | Blog: medium.com/@Amitch5903 | Author: @producthandbook @disruptbook | Newsletter: bit.ly/gotechyourself

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