Amity University Lucknow MDP on “Interpersonal Relations,Group Dynamics,Team Building,& Leadership”

In the present business scenario, the role of a leader should involve better situational understanding and determined execution. Development oriented leaders have an interesting blend of knowledge, vigor and determination towards achievement of desired goals.

Three day MDP on “Interpersonal Relations, Group dynamics Team building and Leadership” was designed to enhance interpersonal skills of the participants so that they can ensure commitment ,loyalty and team work from their manpower. The essence of organizational success depends on efficient and effective contribution derived from its workforce, through their concerted efforts , realizing the need for training and development in such areas of team and group dynamics for achieving overall quality performance of the organization this MDP also included sessions on group dynamics ,team building and Leadership to infuse participants with the traits that a leader must possess for organizational development and to facilitate participants in building up better learning of leadership qualities for present day . To work effectively in teams and learn how to create synergy among group members the MDP also focused on acquainting them with attributes and dynamics of high performing teams and also providing them insights on how to build effective teams for enhancing overall productivity of the organization.

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