Amity University Mumbai Organized TEACHING TO LEARN Programme

As a part of social initiative program which is an essential component of behavioral science subject, students at our university have started an initiative to teach the nearby village students. For the purpose, we have tied up with the Madhyamik School at Bhatanpada to teach spoken English to the students of 8th and 9th standard. Its an ongoing project and some of the sessions are already over. To our pleasant surprise, the kids from that school are finding the activity very helpful in their learning process.
A great initiative has been taken by the students of Amity University Mumbai to perform a noble cause of teaching the students of the nearby school. As they had difficulty comprehending the English language, the students of Amity decided to help them with the same as a part of ‘AMICULT’.
Under the guidance of Dr. Arti and Mr. Nilesh the students were divided into groups and given were given a chance to teach the students of class 8th & 9th.
The Amitians readily took on the challenge to help the students of the school by building their vocabulary, improving their pronunciation and teaching them new stuff by various activities such as picture reading, scramble words, sentence formation, reading of poems and stories followed by games such as Chinese whisper, dumbsharaz, name place animal thing, rapid fire etc. The ice breaking session gave the Amitians an idea of their command over the language which helped us to understand how to go about the teaching process.
The students of the village school were excited and readily co-operated with the Amitians and gave an excellent response to the same.
Thus a beginning which shall see no end as the initiative taken by Amitians will not be just for the sake of doing it but to make a difference in the society.

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