What is music ,

is it a track , a song , a composition , an opera , a verse , a chorus or just entertainment .

Most people would just call music as this medium to communicate and express dire emotions that cannot be expressed in words or letters but best expressed in music or notations . But when you think about it in a more philosophical surface music sure goes a really long way deep down in to our senses where it must not be just simply heard by our ears, but each and every time a beat is given or repeated we must ensure that we never ever miss it because each beat is a person’s energy and time collectively spent on it to produce this experience .

So music is not only this collection of sounds and instruments in symphony that we must experience , but we must also experience this ecstatic journey where each song has its own story and meaning that is more than just a sound or a track . Coming to it people often call the music a piece of someone’s mind or the brain or the heart . But we must also experience it as this lyrical exuberance talking to us .

We can also call music a dimension just like time and space , think about it every time we hear a song it affects both the time and space continuum the beat, the composition, the lyrics, the ecstatic chords all just magically fit into pieces or this magic we call music and there it affects the space that the music occupies . The timing , the beat that goes la-la-la-la-la the time that comes into play when the drum and the bass collectively joins its not just coincidence , it’s this journey that also engages our senses in time .

So not only is music a dimension on its own but also a multi dimensional experience that engages us both in time and space . The cinema or poetry has the same effects but not this large or collective but when you see it from an extensive angle of engineering it differs a lot . For example a painting on the wall , is just this 2d image that doesn’t come to life and tell us its story .But a song is completely different from this because music engages our mind , heart, brain and the time and space continuum all at once together while at the same time functioning as an excellent medium to communicate the human meaning and sense that we have put into it .

Just like reading music also puts us through experiences and journeys that would otherwise prove to be stupid and bland . Music and reading are somehow the gifts fromthe gods to the humans and we must be very grateful to. It also helps us find meaning by forming these magical ecstasies that can envelop us in the dire qualities that we have been seeking all our life , the beat and the vibes we get when we go to a concert or a festival cannot be described to anyone because it is almost spiritual and not religious because the way someone perceives any spiritual experience is very different to all of us , the way how i feel the taste of an orange is ineffable or indescribable because it is my feeling alone and it cannot be shared, just the same way music is definitely an indescribable experience , but at the same time it is also this spiritual journey we embark every time we listen to a song because how we perceive the music is never how anyone else would ever perceive it.

So every time you listen to the music lets be a little more grateful.