Thinking About Hillary — A Follow-up
Michael Arnovitz

Fantastic article but a few things:

You (like other writers) conveniently take all the temperamental bait and spew all the “Trump is insane and unfit for the office” nonsense.

We are talking about a BILLIONAIRE who has been on top of his game in New York City for decades. The truth is, if you think that’s easy and he’s not a really tough cookie, you’re insane.

I think based on his current campaign schedule so far, he has as much energy as anyone who has run for office.

The irony is you make the point about how LBJ and Lincoln changed and became great but don’t consider how Trump actually could do the same.

Newsflash — the majority of the US Govt runs WITHOUT the President. The machine of Government is mostly autonomous. President’s make big decisions about war and taxes but for the most part bureaucracies run the rest.

The real truth here is all politicians including Hilary lie, but most smart people don’t dislike her because they are sexist — they dislike her because she’s not really good at lying and lacks charisma — great attributes for a civil servant but an unforgivable combo for a politician.

Still a really fun read.

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