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Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

No one ever tells you just how cold space is. They tell you how to triple validate the airlocks. They tell you precisely where to snip the dehydrated food packets. They tell you how to pin photos onto your standard issue cork board (deep, and into all four corners). But they don’t tell you about the cold.

In training, we wished for cold. We begged for fresh air to pour into our claustrophobic, sweaty practice suits as we ran drills. For a single fan, let alone air con in our bunks. It turns out leaving everything you know behind is…

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Photo by Davide Pietralunga on Unsplash

There’s something in the air this summer. And I’m not just talking about the #pollenbomb. It seems like a lot of people in my circle are having a hard time. Much like the humidity, the world just seems to be a bit heavier this month. We’re just barely wading through it. And that sucks. But it’s also okay.

“But it’s July! How can you possibly be so down when the weather is so beautiful?” Well, because you’re human. And humans go through emotions in waves and cycles. There’s nothing odd about that whatsoever. What I do think may be at…

This is an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while. My world since graduating from university has yet to involve a desk job. In one previous professional role I had a desk, but I was an absentee desk-holder. I would estimate that 10% of my time in that position took place at that desk. The other 90% was spent on the go, in coffee shops, parks, client’s homes, and in coffee shops. Did I mention that I spent a lot of time in coffee shops? Good. In my current role, I do social media coordination and…

Amélie Matte

Copywriter. Imagination purveyor. Walking floral print. Food obsessed. Cat mom. Often found writing for someone else.

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