Saskia Bruinders, our Head of Digital, teaches us her top 3 lunch time yoga poses.

“The combination of dynamic postures and the use of breath is the antidote for everything.”

5 Minute Mid-Day Yoga Workout

I have been practicing Yoga for ten years, and I am 100% sure that I would be certifiable without it. For me, the combination of dynamic postures which stretch deeply and require the use of breath is the antidote for everything.

Yoga means one

The benefits are numerous. The styles are numerous. Yoga benefits your muscles, and your skeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems. The biggest benefit is that you become in sync with all these systems.

Breath is paramount.

Yoga also has numerous mental health and emotional benefits: calm and clear thinking, as well as igniting creative thinking. Start where you are with what you have. You work within the limits of your body and build slowly as you go.

Here are three poses I do daily that work as a reset button for me.

Child’s pose:
Sit down on your knees and heels. Drop your chest down to your knees and extend your arms straight out past your head and neck, resting the palms face down on the floor. Take five deep slow inhales and exhales. Keeping the eyes closed. This pose calms the heart rate and relaxes the lower back.

Downward dog:
You can transition easily from child’s pose to downward dog. Push back on your hands, extending your legs and arms. You should look like an upside-down “V”. Push your hands back while you keep your legs straight and try to press your heels flat on the floor. Let your head and neck hang relaxed. This pose stretches the back of your legs, spine and neck. Take 5 deep inhales and exhales while you hold the pose.

Forward Fold:

Forward Fold

Easy as pie to do. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and fold your body over your knees. You are just hanging your upper body over your thighs loosely. Let your arms, head and neck dangle freely or hold your arms in a fold and feel the stretch down your legs, back and neck. Take five deep breaths in and out.

N A M A S T E!

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