Ane de Bruin, great mind and Creative at Amok Digital, knows that coffee is the lifeblood of any selfrespecting designer. Here are her Top 5 tips:

Even the strongest brew won’t help you meet your deadline if you have to spend all your time slaving over the plunger.

The Designer’s Instant Coffee

Some like it black, some like it white. Some like it sweet, and others bitter. All of us (okay, okay, most of us) can say that we love a cup of coffee. 
For a designer like me, it is an essential tool to make sure that I do not fall asleep in front of my computer. A strong cup of coffee helps to get my creative juices flowing.

Unfortunately, time is a huge factor in a designer’s life. In the office, there is no time to grind and brew the fresh beans you bought this morning. Even the strongest brew won’t help you meet your deadline if you have to spend all your time slaving over the plunger.

Therefore, I want to share my 5 rules to make the perfect cup of instant coffee every time, while saving time:

Rule 01:

Be snobbish. A good quality coffee really does make a difference. You get what you pay for. I prefer Jacobs Kronung — there is something about it that just beats out all the other instant coffee brands out there.

Rule 02

Believe it or not, but coffee, whether it is instant or fresh beans should be kept in the dark. Too much light and oxygen destroy the flavour of the bean. Therefore, store your coffee in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight.

Rule 03

I like big cups and I cannot lie. Seriously, get a decent size cup. For me, the bigger the cup, the better. Try different sizes until you find your perfect match.

Rule 04

The milk always comes first. This is very important. Adding milk (warm or cold) before the boiling water keeps your coffee from having a burnt and bitter taste. I like my milk warm, so before I add my coffee, I warm it up in the microwave.

Rule 05

Don’t skimp on the scoops! Make your coffee strong. That is the whole point. A watered-down cup of milk with a hint of bitterness simply won’t make your taste buds happy. Find the taste and colour that works for you.

And lastly… sit back and enjoy your cuppa and all the time you’ve just saved.

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