Into the Night

The witching hour chimes through the hushed city. Blood drips through the snow-covered cobblestone street, as footsteps “clunk” running. Houses are dark, with no light in sight. The moon rising above the forest outside the lifeless city, as darkness blankets the forest. A wolf howls into the night as I grow closer. Screams of terror flood the abandoned streets, as not a soul to help is found.

A faint crying is heard as she struggles to escape. A soft sobbing fills the cold, dead air as her dress turns from white to black as she keeps running. Her veil is consumed by the wind and fed to the snow. Like a predator consuming its prey. If I could smile, this would almost be poetic as someone being buried alive in a wall, or two dead souls dancing in a church before finally being put to rest.

A faint sobbing continues across the stone bridge and into the forest, as does a trail of blood that under the full moon her blood looks black as the night. The Cathedral’s bells ring off in the distance as the blood trail arrives at the cemetery gates. Large concrete pillars, large and sharp cast iron fence.

The trail of blood ends at a blank grave as blood puddles out from behind the stone as I appear to face my victim. Pure terror struck her, paralyzing her as she looks into my black empty eyes, my cold, bloody hands grip my blade

and into the night we went.