APIs and Agile Developement…

Today started on a serious note, no exercises, no games. Just strictly business(by business I mean CODING!!!).

We are not here to play mehn!

The class is smaller and the pressure is mounting. Everyone is working on their individual project. We had a discussion on APIs and what they are used for. To know more about APIs click here and here. We were given exercises to consume APIs. I got to work with the GitHub API.


Our trainer, OKONKWO VINCENT IKEM, then brought up a discussion on Agile Development e.g Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc, and Waterfall Model of development

Agile Development Sprints

He also talked about Trello, which basically a project planner/tracker. We are to use it to plan our project and keep track of our progress. After all the discussions,we went back to working on our project and that was all for the day.

That’s all folks.*runs off to continue working on project*

See you later at the mine…*no picture today*


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