Labs! Labs!! Labs!!!

It has been an interesting journey so far. From the introduction of the trainers and fellow bootcampers to Andelabs…


But first let me tell you about today.

It started with our regular exercises and games in the morning. The game involved everyone pointing to an object in the class area without any object being repeated by anyone. The aim of the game was ACTIVE LISTENING, and boy did it work? YUP!!! After the game, we had the opportunity to ask questions and we did. Some of the questions asked were:

  • To explain attr_reader, attr_writer and attr_accessor
  • The difference between implicit and explicit return etc…

Then the labs started. ANDELABS!!! The cool cat that can make you sweat. When we started, there was the “Peace be still” phenomenon, but an hour into it the murmurs started. My first question was “Odun is your code running?” so was almost every other person’s question. We crossed the hurdle eventually through self solving and team collaboration.

We did it!!!!!!!!!!

After conquering the three algorithms(Reverse String, ) from ANDELABS, those who hadn’t concluded the Codecademy track on Ruby got to it while others continued with either ANDELABS or CodeSchool.

DISCUSSIONS again!!! We talked about the difference between Blocks, Lambdas and Procs. We also delved lightly into Binary search and Voila! we were done for the day.

I forgot to mention on Monday that I have a semi-namesake Tijesunimi Peters and He is a Medical programmer. I know right?

See you later at the mine…


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