Malicious Parties Phishing With The “Corona Cure”

Amoranio 🚀
4 min readJan 20, 2022

As the pandemic continues, we are all looking for the latest information or data in order to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. You would have most likely seen an increase in emails from all the companies you associate with, giving you an update on what they are doing during this crisis.

For most, finding out what that company you purchased those shoes from are doing during this crisis will comes as minimum concern. We all are focused on keeping our families safe, healthy, fed and a roof over their head. Some of you will be the heroes that are working night and day to keep us safe and healthy (heroes!!).

This doesn’t mean everyone though…..

Malicious parties know that all this stress can cause lapse of judgement and this is what they prey on. Recently we’ve all been Googling looking for Corona maps, updates, latest figures and seen/clicked on all those new stories shared on social media. Although the majority of those may be genuine, you can’t forget that people are seeing this crisis as a money-making opportunity.
I’m not talking about that local garage or that guy in the US….

I’m talking about Phishing and Watering holes. The BBC did a piece recently that shows a few examples of recent Corona Phishing attacks which is defiantly worth the read (takes a few mins).

These are just a few examples which are trying to steal your money, credentials or personal details. With Phishing, the advice I always give is “Go direct”. If your bank or government are emailing you with the “latest information, cure or financial alert”, it will most likely be on their website or your account (Once logged in). If you can’t find it, ring the number on the website. If it’s important or confidential, it’s often not worth the risk.

It’s important to remember that it won’t just be about the “cure”. Governments and countries are offering finical support or loans. Phishers will use this model in their attacks, and you may start to see them in your inbox…

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