So after watching the LCS matches today I feel as though we are going to have a fight next week for the playoff positions. A lot of these teams are do-or-die and it is really showing. While Immortals may remain undefeated you can see they are starting to burn out. Slowly but surely. I am expecting for a loss to come in the next two weeks not because I dislike the team itself but from that same burn out.

Echo Fox are striving to reach that playoff position and it is very likely they will make it. After the “Return of the King” aka. Froggen, the team has really been looking towards the sky. Overall with this next week basically sealing the deal for playoffs, EF and Liquid will have to make this week count.

At the bottom of the standings, Renegades are looking to be in relegation with challenger teams Apex and Ember following close behind them. That of course does not mean they are out for the count just yet. So long as they can win the last few games they have in this split they still have a fighting chance for placing 7–8th. I’m truly hoping to see some exceptional 13th and 14th matches coming up next week.