So chosing a name when you go by so many is always fun, my trademark are vasdrakken, Vas´Drakken, Vas´Drakkæn, Vǻs´Ðrákkæn, Ván´Ðrąkken, Von´Ðrąkkon, Aeromancy Arts Systems, Aeromancy Armoury, The Aeromancy Family of companies, and Tier 3 Solutions. I mostly do not use the last much anymore since covad commuition became tier 3 communitions as a IT provider and screwed up the taxes that year. I think they did it after the physical network module. Who knows most of my names are based off the name the Norwegians rechristened me when they decided Benjamin was either a hero or a Jewish name and thus not good enough to meet the requirements for their culture. Heroes names are not used as you might bring shame to the name and to be culturally and of the blood you have to have an approved Norwegian name which is why my buddy Tarja got into so much trouble with the fake passport. I still make the joke about smile maid Marian some days, it took her years to forgive me for being an option and having to learn English because polish is really hard for me to remember the way the words flow. To be truthful smile is about the only polish I always get right off, and that is more of an inside joke between us. But anyway basically the issue was if you claim to be a Solheim and step foot on Norweigian soil and can prove it you have to two options the long road home or the long road home. The joke I will not explain it is not really my place to. But as for Solheim or the sun´s home it is basically an icelandic or viking joke. Oslo has six months of sun so they joke that the sun has gone home to rest there during summer and in winter it goes home to the stars. So to claim to be a Solheim you have to either be from Oslo and have seven stones of seven stones, basically you have to be from before the war to end all wars, the first one. If you from another country and enter they do not help you but in my case I was able to prove a grave site hair was close enough to mine DNA but they do not allow that anymore. Too many questions, and they did not want the sites disturbed but I was helping the One Epistalic Church or Holy Roman Catholic Church as a knight chapelan working for the USAF as a favor to another commander back in the USA. I basically had to wear a heavy monk´s robe and bandana across my face soaked in witch hazel so I did not breathe in the fume when we cracked open the lead sealed caskets that were below the water line. It was hard back breaking work and we have to burn the robes at the end of the day and bath in mouth wash. I had to do this one and off for three months so that I did not get sick. This was back in nineteen ninety nine. There was thirty knight brothers with me. Some of the bodies were ancient and had never been exposed to air and mortified immediately, it was so bad that it killed four of the knights. They did not take care not to breathe in the air from the graves. God rest their souls. The thing is the swedes offered to test the DNA on any of the hair that was still growing that is so creepy to see a dead body with a full head of hair. One body have three and half to four feet of hair and looked almost like my face it was like staring death in the face the skin was starting to skin in as the body was exposed to air and slowly the long hair and foot long finger nails turned from scary to resting nightmare but the the first look was the worst. But that is where the name Amortis can from every one of us became an Amorti of the Church, for caring for the dead. I was stuck with the trouble as a chapel point of contact. Some clueless wonder decided I put atheist so I did not have to admit I did not trust a non catholic with my body or that I kinda keep getting made a priest or reverend and not being told about it… The Catholic Church was Monsignior Al Sharky and Pope John Paul II and who ever the cardinal of the eastern seaboard was back in ninety two´s fault. Well mine for saying the vow but still. The universal life church was a joke. The shinto stuff and Shalio faith were supposed to be martial arts not religion… I just keep repeating no other gods before god and hope it is good enough for god to be first.

Benjamin aka bright water falling from heaven. basically a water fall over a fjord where the damned bodies were.

Åmortįs -A’ mort(al) Tis
Byórðæįr — Beä ador heir
Vlör — VL oar (one sylable)
Vas´Drakken — Vas Vee (h)os (Ownership) Dra kracken