It’s World Food Day — Do You Know Where Your Next Meal is Coming From?

In these times, the majority of the world is able to take it for granted — the availability of food — and most of us know where our next meal is coming from. However, there are still some 800 Million people who do not. Many of these are in war torn and/or drought affected areas. Some are dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters and some are in places where there is plenty of food but they lack access to it.

So while there are fewer people struggling with hunger compared to 10, 20 and 30 years ago, much remains to be done to achieve the UN Sustainability Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030.

In many places around the world, hunger means no food, it means starvation — literally. In the US, hunger is a health issue. People facing hunger in the US usually get enough calories, but they get the wrong calories — junk calories — that lead to any number of diet related health issues — diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease and more.

#GiveHealthy is celebrating World Food Day with a NYC Launch. This unique multi-faceted event, co-sponsored with Foodtank and The World Food Program — USA, to support Hurricane Relief, will consist of a variety of health, wellness, hunger relief and social good activities. It is an official United Nations World Food Day event — an honor, and something we’re proud of.

We’re introducing our “Does Your Food Drive Look Like This?” campaign at the launch, raising food for the victims of Hurricanes Marie, Irma and Harvey and doing our part to shine a light on world hunger.

Does Your Food Drive Look Like This?

You can find information about other World Food Day events at the official World Food Day site. Take a few minutes today, figure out how you can support the drive towards Zero Hunger in a small way or a big way, and be part of the solution.

A world without hunger is a better world!

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