Get Connected. Be A Part of Your Music Scene.

It’s ready! We’ve launched our Ampedify Beta platform for early user sign up.

Ampedify is a social platform for musicians, music professional and music businesses to get connected with each other and explore endless opportunities within their music scene — no matter where they are.

For musicians who want to connect with other musicians, Ampedify is a social platform that enables musicians to find bandmates, collaborate, share ideas, search for gigs to attend, explore endless opportunities, source for gears to buy and sell their gears to the right people.

For businesses that wants to connect with other businesses in the music industry and would like to increase lead generation, our platform is a musician focused social platform that enables businesses to run highly targeted B2C marketing campaigns to consumers and it’s also provide a B2B network that consolidates business opportunities within the music industry.

Infinite Possibilities. Endless Opportunities.

Ampedify leverages on cutting edge web technology to facilitate information dissemination and real-time social interaction, to make connecting with the music scene quick and easy.

Connect and Explore Opportunities

Designed and developed by musicians, the Ampedify team understands what you need and how you communicate with other musicians. With a profile based network, it allows users to share / received the appropriate information they need to start communicating, collaborating, start a band together, to share opportunities and / or simply just share interests.

Why Ampedify Exists?

While established musician are facing exciting opportunities to aid their career, aspiring musicians and music professionals who are new to the scene are rather struggling to keep themselves well-informed about the opportunities within the music scene. The music industry is a rather huge market, without proper connection with the right people, these aspiring musicians are experiencing quite a hard time just to break through their music scene.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of aspiring musicians abandoned their passion because they couldn’t find the right opportunities to help them through it all. Even with much platform available out there for them to utilize, unless they’re connected to their music scene, finding the right opportunities will still be a struggle to most.

This is why Ampedify exists. Our passion is music and we know how it’s like starting out and what aspiring musicians are going through.

Get connected and start exploring opportunities>>

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