Hey Instagram, your plan worked. I no longer use Snapchat.

The whole time I was using Snapchat I kept thinking to myself, “Damn. I wish all my Instagram followers were here,” but that thought no longer occurs to me. Bye Snapchat.

I’m hooked on the Instagram stories feature. As an artist, I use this feature to showcase my process. I no longer have to waste my gallery space on unfinished pieces. This is pretty much the trend I’m seeing with artists I’m following as well.

I was using Snapchat for this, but I’m glad I don’t have to anymore. Snapchat is boring. The artist community is much stronger on Instagram. There’s always bunch of interesting content.

I never developed a huge following on Snapchat. It’s just tough to find people on there, and it’s also tough for people to find you. I kept looking at the same ten people’s boring snaps for about six months.

Okay. I’ll admit. I enjoyed a few of Snapchat’s filters, but after a while they became terrible temptations. Instead of posting something cool, I’d end up posting a selfie with some weird face filter.

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