There is something really special about this music video.

This might be my all time favorite music video. I don’t know exactly what the greater vision for this music video was. I don’t know anything about the director. All I have here is my own interpretation.

I feel like this video captured the crescendo of a serotonin surge. And portrayed how it’s something everyone is capable of attaining through music. And that it’s something everyone deserves. It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you are in your life. All you need is music in order to feel good. Preferably Lymbyc System’s latest album. Preferably at a park.

This video also portrays how we are all the same when we are listening to music. Like…how music is something that strips away those everyday societal chains. And…how it helps us open up to the beauty that surrounds us and stuff. All the characters in this music video seem like they’re all the same person even though they all look extremely different. They’ve all transcended their physical bodies by putting headphones on.

The most magical component of this video is the crying though. It’s crazy how the actors in this video were able to cry like that? The tears in this video are grade A genuine tears of joy! I want to know what they were all thinking about. It’s really weird how a video full of people crying can make me so happy…

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