The case of the “flattering” webdesign.

We’ve recently come across an agency that has “dedicated” their website to our website. Some call it stealing code… we prefer to take it lightly and call it “flattery”.

First of all we will not disclose the name of the website/web agency in order to “protect” their image (not that we should but…).

So let’s start on the striking “coincidences” between the 2 websites.

The case of: The first impressions

This is a photoshop of our website “mashed up” against the “flattery website”. I repeat. This is NOT a single website…

As you can see from the image above, the “first section” (both are singlepage websites — it’s curious!) is IDENTICAL. The only changes are:

  • they removed our logo
  • they photoshoped their logo onto our background (which they didn’t even bother to change the name of the file)
  • they removed the “dots” overlay (I think they only forgot to copy the image, because the div and background image call is still there)
  • they changed our orange into blue
  • they translated the website from Portuguese/English into Spanish

The case of: The services offered

Our services displayed on our website.
And their services…

Ok… <irony>I’ll give them this</irony>. They bothered to change the order of things. And also changed the header font and aligned it to the center. That requires “a lot of work”.

The case of: Presenting their team

Our team photos, “sayings”, email links and hover effects.
Their team photos, “sayings”, email links and hover effects. Pixelated faces. Names removed.

The case of: The awesomely designed 3D portfolio cards that we’ve seen before… somewhere

Our portfolio made up of logos, and on hover, a 3D effect reveals the back with some content.
Their portfolio made up of logos, and on hover, a 3D effect reveals the back with some content. Get it?

The case of: Even the footer? CMON!

Our footer. NOTICE THE COPYRIGHT symbol. Although not necessary, it is there to remember people NOT TO STEAL our code & content.
Their footer… People, your button is still orange!

and now just to end things off…

The case of: The “way too similar code”

We like to leave some “funny/useless code” in our projects so things like these copies are easy to spot. Notice the highlight in our SASS file.
Yup the same exact sentence with the same exact BAD English… not to mention 98% of the code.
Just a way (amongst others) to identify OUR javascript code… mensagemPT = Message in Portuguese
They also have mensagemPT, but don’t they speak spanish? Weird name for a variable… Not to mention it’s not used anywhere in their code.

and now one just for the “lulz”:

You forgot to remove our links … please pay more attention when “flattering” another website please.

The question now is, do we ignore this and just have a good laugh and think:

“Hey someone really likes our website and wanted one just like it for them”

or do we think:

“Hey we put several days of work to make our website into our image on the internet and it is somewhat recognised, and now some guys who have spent 5 minutes “working”, copied our website and claim it as their own “work”

Well for now we have contacted them asking them to change their website, we’ll see how it goes.

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