So you start by assuming that the people aren’t/won’t be participating in the process, and conclude…

Everybody has the opportunity to “help choose the next Amazon Original Series with a quick survey”. Participation in this process isn’t exclusive… it’s inclusive. But it’s a survey… which means that preferences are stated rather than demonstrated. And because preferences aren’t demonstrated… Amazon won’t see the true intensity of people’s preferences. Amazon won’t see how much people love any of the pilots.

Participation here on Medium isn’t exclusive. Anybody can reveal their preference for a story. However… just like with Amazon…. preferences are stated rather than demonstrated. The logical and detrimental consequence is that Medium is a popularity contest.

Your think that your world is better because we can’t see how much people truly love things. You think that ignorance is bliss when it comes to knowing the intensity of people’s preferences. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that your world is a whole lot worse than it should be. Your world would be immensely better if people were given the opportunity to use their cash to reveal the depth of their love.

The only time people should hide their love away is when creators are omniscient. When are creators omniscient? Never. So if somebody creates something that you love… then it behooves you not to hide your love away. It’s in your interest to show the creator exactly how deeply you love their work. And the only way that you can do so is by spending your money.

Netflix subscribers should be given the opportunity to use their fees to communicate their love. This is the pragmatarian model. We should apply the pragmatarian model to Medium. We’d all pay $1/month but we could choose which stories we give our pennies to. We should apply the pragmatarian model to the government. People would use their taxes to communicate their love.