You could argue that the entire passage you quoted does not resemble in the slightest current…
Richard Simpson

Here are the stories that you have recommended. Do you value all those stories equally?

Imagine that you’re a bee and each story is a flower patch. Would you dance equally long and hard for each and every flower patch?

Today’s Mandeville is the renowned biologist Thomas D. Seeley, who was part of a team which discovered that colonies of honey bees look for new pollen sources to harvest by sending out scouts who search for the most attractive places. When the scouts return to the hive, they perform complicated dances in front of their comrades. The duration and intensity of these dances vary: bees who have found more attractive sources of pollen dance longer and more excitedly to signal the value of their location. The other bees will fly to the locations that are signified as most attractive and then return and do their own dances if they concur. Eventually a consensus is reached, and the colony concentrates on the new food source. — Rory Sutherland and Glen Weyl,Humans are doing democracy wrong. Bees are doing it right