I find it hard to believe that you want to live your life like this.
Michael Andrew Haines.

I’m not asking you to valuate anything. I’m not going to force you to use your money to reveal/communicate how much benefit you derive from other people’s behavior. My argument is that you should have the opportunity to easily do so.

“They may make what they create available to others, and others may or may not value it. And even if others do value it, there is no need to compensate the person who created it, because that person did not do it for others, they did it for themselves, or their family or friends… or just ‘the common good’ (like open software).”

Adam Smith wrote my favorite book… The Wealth of Nations. Let’s say that Amazon Kindle Unlimited became a market. If I was a subscriber, and the Wealth of Nations was one of the titles, would I spend any of my subscription dollars on it? Of course. Because I would want to compensate Adam Smith? Of course not. Smith is dead. Obviously I couldn’t compensate him even if I wanted to. The point of spending my subscription dollars on his book would be to help increase the value of it on the treasure map. The more highly valued it was, the more people who would read it, and the more writers who would try and supply an even more valuable economics book. I would highly benefit if a more valuable economics book was produced.

Your grasp of elementary economics is atrocious.

“You still haven’t answered how you would deal with the problem of proving for people who have no money: the young, old, incapacitated, their unpaid carers and those who lack the skills required by the market.”

I already answered this question so many times. A market would be created in the public sector. Taxpayers would have the option of choosing where their taxes go. This means that each and every taxpayer would have the option of deciding for themselves exactly how many of their tax dollars they wanted to spend on welfare.

Again, this is entirely optional. If you don’t choose this option then you either trust that your elected representatives will spend the optimal amount of your tax dollars on welfare… or you don’t care how many of your tax dollars are spent on welfare.