Where are the Solutions?
Frank Lukacovic

Imagine if Medium replaced the “Recommend” button with four coin buttons… penny, nickle, dime and quarter. If I valued your story at a penny, then I could click the penny button and a penny would be transferred from my digital wallet to your digital wallet. The value of your story would increase by a penny. The more people that allocated their money to your story…

  1. the more money you’d receive
  2. the higher up your story would be in the results when people searched for “Economics” and sorted by “value”.

Based on your understanding of economics… would it be a good idea for Medium to facilitate micropayments?

You’re listening and waiting for Rubio’s new economic ideas. But do you have enough economics under your belt to recognize a good economic idea when you hear one? I don’t know. But it’s easy enough to find out! Just share your thoughts on the idea of Medium facilitating micropayments. If you don’t have any thoughts… or you can’t come to a solid conclusion one way or another… then maybe you should study economics a bit more before asking to hear Rubio’s new economic ideas.