It depends.
Michael Andrew Haines.

In this story I listed these three books that I had read for free…

Quantum Tangle by Chris Reher
Exodus by Andreas Christensen
Among Wolves by R.A. Hakok

The authors aren’t dead and their books are still protected by copyright. Yet, did you say that it was the free-rider problem that I did not spend any money on them? Here’s what you responded…

It is their choice to offer them for free… unless they have been pirated.

So, according to you, it’s not the free-rider problem when any of the following things is true…

  1. The authors are dead
  2. The books aren’t copyrighted
  3. The authors freely share their books

Except, when I brought up the idea of Medium subscribers spending their subscription dollars on the most useful stories, here’s what you wrote

If you read a story and decide to spend nothing on it, how can you not be free riding on the work of the author?

So you’re assuming that the authors wouldn’t be freely sharing their stories? Are you assuming that Medium would buy their stories?