Economics in One Lesson: Book Review
Chantal Soldini

Really great story! I’d give you $0.25 cents for writing it but I can’t! At least not on Medium. I just launched the world’s first micropayments forum… RudeBagel. If you sign up and share this story in the economics category then, with one click, I can allocate $0.25 cents to it. The $0.25 will go into your wallet and will be 100% yours to keep or spend on other articles/posts.

A while back I wrote a lengthy story on Medium about the benefits of micropayments. Bastiat would have been proud! But Medium totally ignored it. I figured that poaching writers might eventually get their attention… and either result in micropayments on Medium or my banishment… heh.

You might be interested to know that John Quiggin is writing the sequel to Hazlitt’s book.