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The free-market is the solution to all of life’s problems? The free-market is the idea that it’s beneficial when people are free to empower, with their own money, the people who are helping to solve life’s problems.

And clearly this isn’t a mainstream idea. If it was, then Medium and the government would already have pragmatarian markets. We’d already be freely using our fees/taxes to empower the people who are helping to solve life’s problems.

Or maybe it’s a partial mainstream idea. Mainstream economics is incoherent… the government can adequately assume your concerns about cancer… but it can’t adequately assume your concerns for crayons or cars or computers or clothes.

Mainstream economics assumes partial omniscience on the part of planners. Clearly we’re not allowed to choose where our taxes go. We’re not allowed to determine how many tax dollars we spend on cancer research… but we are allowed to determine how many dollars we spend on crayons and cars and computers and clothes.

But it’s not like our system is some modern invention. Taxes have always been around and the people have never been free to choose how they are spent. So we’ve never ever known the demand for war or cancer research. And you are under the impression that we’re better off not knowing the actual demand for public goods. Or, you’re under the impression that omniscient government planners already know the demand for public goods. Both beliefs are absurd.

Or, accept the possibility that your beliefs MIGHT be absurd and be super excited about the possibility of putting our respective beliefs to the test. Because that’s what science is all about. Surely you don’t think that science is absurd… do you?

On Medium we’ll all pay $1 dollar per month but we’ll elect one person to decide how everybody’s fees are spent. This will test your belief. My guess is that people will simply foot vote for other websites. But I could be wrong.

If I’m right, then we’ll test my belief by people still paying $1 dollar per month… but being free to choose which stories they spend their money on. My guess is that people will foot vote for Medium. But I could be wrong.

Does the thought of this scientific test excite you? It sure excites me!