Although I communicate with money, it’s a passive communication.
The Suburbanist

Uber For Sex?!

You definitely did not have the authority to allow that lady to cut into line! :) However, you definitely did have the authority to switch places with her. She would have taken your place in line and you would have taken her place at the end of the line. Assuming of course that she was willing to make you an offer that you were willing to accept.

If we imagine some event with a long line of ladies waiting to use the restroom… then for sure it’s a total benefit maximization problem that could be solved according to each individual’s willingness to pay (WTP). The ladies with greater WTPs would compensate the ladies with lesser WTPs for getting out of the way.

The concept of paying for the right of way is just as relevant for traffic lights… Clarifying The Demand For Green Lights.

It’s also relevant for sex! With all those dating apps with people swiping left and right there are a gazillion mutually beneficial trades that would occur if the participants revealed how much they were willing to accept/pay to have sex with each other. Kinda like the movie Indecent Proposal.

There is the issue though of “prostitution” being illegal.

I’ve been breaking my brain for around 10 minutes trying to think of a way to program an app that didn’t involve a central database/server. For the list of most valuable OTP threads I’m using a Google sheet as the database. So I can imagine that each user of the app would have their own Google sheet to keep track of their WTPs/WTAs. But how to populate the app with relevant matches in the area? The app would somehow search all the sheets in the relevant area? Ouch my brain.