Complex Intelligence
Esko Kilpi

“Unless you genuinely value the perspectives of others, and not just the ones that conform to your own, you are not going to understand them. Truly intelligent thinking is not just a means to an end: it has to be rooted in what we see as ends in themselves, the values by which we live.”

How can I tell whether you genuinely value my perspective? Easy! Do you believe that I should have the freedom to choose where my taxes go? If not, then you only value my perspective in theory.

It’s easy to value different perspectives in theory… but it’s harder to value different perspectives in practice. The logic is pretty straightforward though.

You and I have different perspectives. You’re barking up one tree and I’m barking up another tree. I value your freedom to bark up a different tree because I entirely respect and recognize the possibility that I’m barking up the wrong tree.

Do you see the logic? I’m hedging my bets. If the cat isn’t in my tree… then maybe it’s in your tree.