Companies must identify and harness emerging talent at all income levels
Natalie Lewendon

Unlimiting The Talent Search

You’re correct that companies shouldn’t limit their talent search to advantaged applicants. But this doesn’t go nearly far enough.

For the past few months, the 4th graders in my friend’s class have been blogging… Classtopia. If you visit their blog and happen to spot some talent… what actions, if any, should you personally take? Maybe you should simply trust and hope that the student’s talent will be adequately supported by her school and family and local community? Or maybe you should search for and find a relevant company and encourage them to hire the talented student when she graduates? From my perspective, rather than expecting other people to adequately support the talent that you found, you should be empowered to directly help nurture, cultivate and promote the student’s talent.

On the Classtopia blog there’s a page with the best entries. The entries on this page are sorted by their value. Their value is determined by crowdfunding. The crowd is currently pretty small. It consists of the students, their teacher and myself. But in theory the crowd could be as large as everybody in the world.

Here are the facts…

  1. Individuals can spot far more talent than companies can.
  2. Far more talent can be spotted when it’s available on the internet.
  3. Everyone should be empowered to nurture/cultivate/promote any talent they find.

When it comes to talent, everyone should be a gardener. Everyone should help find and grow the widest possible variety of flowering and fruiting plants.