Why I (often) Hate Medium
Darin Stevenson

When I post a story in any given discussion forum… I invariably get numerous replies. But when I post the same exact story here… it doesn’t even get a single reply! Probably because it doesn’t get any views.

Medium = out of sight = out of mind

What Medium should do is create a space on the upper right hand side of my homepage… or every page… where I can see 20 titles and the first sentence or two of the most recent stories that have tags that I subscribe to. So rather than searching every day or once a week for “government” and “micropayments” and “economics”…. I’ll simply glance at this section and see if there are any new stories that look interesting enough to read.

I shouldn’t have to order the same content every time I visit. I shouldn’t have to waste my time and effort hunting down my brain food. Medium should serve me, and everybody else, the type of content that we’re interested in. And it’s not like this is technically difficult to implement. It really isn’t!

When Medium does an excellent job of connecting people and ideas together… then this place will give birth to a billion brainchilds…

What’s relevant to a society is how well people are communicating their ideas, and how well they’re cooperating, not how clever the individuals are. So we’ve created something called the collective brain. We’re just the nodes in the network. We’re the neurons in this brain. It’s the interchange of ideas, the meeting and mating of ideas between them, that is causing technological progress, incrementally, bit by bit. — Matt Ridley, When ideas have sex

Medium should also facilitate micropayments.