No, I don’t care what he does with his money, so long as he cannot use it to impose his will on me…
Michael Andrew Haines.

You and Don Quixote have an equal “right” to determine how tax dollars are spent? So who gives you these “rights”? God? The government? If the government has the power to give you these rights then it must also have the power to remove them.

There are quite a few anarcho-capitalists who argue that taxation is theft. They believe that they have the natural right to not have any of their property taken from them for any reason. Clearly they don’t believe that these rights come from the government. Which leaves… god?

Debating rights is the epitome of stupid. It’s just an argument over whose rights are more legitimate.

The real issue is whether it’s truly beneficial for you and Don Quixote to have an equal say over how tax dollars are spent. He wants all the tax dollars to be spent on tilting at windmills (pointless wars) while you want all the tax dollars to be spent on building homes for the homeless. So then what? Half the tax dollars are spent on pointless wars and the other half are spent on homes for the homeless? This division of tax dollars would maximize society’s benefit?

“I want to spend our common dollars on mitigating the circumstances that gives rise to drug abuse… like crushing poverty.”

You want to spend other people’s money trying to solve problems that you really don’t understand. Look…

Can you explain why, exactly, global poverty plummeted in the 70s?