The Basics of Economics: Transactions
Dan Peck

You like economics, finance and computer science? Me too! I just launched the world’s first micropayments forum… RudeBagel. You should sign up and share this story. With one click I’ll allocate $0.10 cents to it. The money will go into your wallet and will be 100% yours to keep… or spend on another posts/stories.

A while back I wrote a lengthy store here on Medium on the benefits of micropayments. Medium didn’t get the message. I figured that I’d show them the benefits. So I spent $60 for web hosting, modified some free phpbb forum software and voila! Micropayments! One click giving!

And now I’ll try and poach Medium writers until Medium either gets the message or I get banned.

I’m not saying that writers on Medium have to get paid… I’m just saying that satisfied readers should have the option to pay writers with one click.