I agree with the “defective” part, but I’ll apply that to today’s economy.
Martin Schmalzried

“…you probably think humans are lazy and given the opportunity they will do nothing…”

You’re just as bad at mind-reading as you are at economics. A lazy human is simply someone who hasn’t found their niche. Imagine if all students put their work online to be “graded” by taxpayers. Then each and every student would find their niche.

Everybody is naturally inclined to improve their little corner of the world. But our current education system ruins this natural inclination. It’s impossible for one teacher, even the very best teacher, to fully and correctly appreciate all the improvements that students naturally make. It’s like expecting one person to fully and correctly appreciate every song. If schools were turned into markets then students would receive the maximum possible encouragement.

Saying that Finland has the best education system on the planet is like saying that some country has the best government in the world. All governments and education systems suck. This is simply because they aren’t markets. Will you appreciate this? Of course not. Like I said, all education systems suck.