You’re linking me the sales pitch.
Aura Wilming

You weren’t supposed to be annoyed by the part about your preferred curator having value judgements superior to your own. You were supposed to inform me what Z should be.

Today I recommended this story by David QadirAn Introvert’s Adventures in DIY Music Promotion. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I was the first one to recommend it.

What usually comes to mind is an Easter Egg hunt. Generally the kids don’t all look in the same places at the same times. They naturally disperse themselves and look in different places.

Your preferred method isn’t for every member of Medium to search for Easter Eggs and spend their fees on the best ones. You think that this method would result in too many really good Easter Eggs being overlooked.

But how would limiting the number of searchers and valuators possibly maximize the number and value of the discovered Easter Eggs?

To be clear, I’m not against personal shoppers. If you don’t have the time or expertise to find and spend your money on the best stories then I really wouldn’t want to force you to do so. My issue is when it’s mandatory to have a personal shopper. I really do not want or need a personal shopper for stories/ideas. For food? Sure. For clothes? Ok. But for stories, music and movies? Definitely not. I’m perfectly capable of deciding on my own how much Qadir’s stories and songs are worth to me.