Thank you for the salad dressing tip.
The Suburbanist

You’re welcome for the salad tip. Cilantro is pretty awesome. I always want more in my menudo. Or, menudo is just a funny excuse to eat cilantro.

Regarding the $10 dollars that you’d give to the OTP. It is a rather fascinating issue. I mean, personally I didn’t give the $10 dollars to support the OTP. I gave $10 dollars to the OTP in order to get 10 tokens. The tokens equal my money. So spending the tokens is the same thing as spending my money. I’ve already spent 6 tokens… so now I have 4 tokens left.

With tax choice you really wouldn’t pay all your taxes upfront and then decide how they should be allocated. You’d simply pay taxes throughout the year directly to the departments of your choice. The departments would give you receipts which you’d keep in case the IRS wanted to make sure that you were paying your fair share.

But I suppose it’s somewhat like the glass half full/empty.

If you get a chance check out this blog entry by David Friedman and the comments.