Building A Better World

Amr Al Dabbagh
Sep 16, 2016 · 3 min read

I have often taken liberty with the English language, and create words that previously did not exist to capture the essence of certain concepts. After serving in the public sector for eight years, I co-wrote a book about applying entrepreneurial practices in government and named it “Governpreneurship”. When it came to philanthropy and using the lens of entrepreneurship to challenge the status quo of giving, we created the “Philanthropreneurship” Forum. My most recent foray in linguistics has delivered “Omnipreneurship”, a holistic and organised approach that integrates everything we care about to live a life of meaning that is captured in my new book of the same name

Omnipreneurship combines three principles of Giving, Earning and Sustaining with a set of core values and ten rules and is an approach that can help the individual, the organisation and the community realise their goals, create impact and contribute to the greater good.

We live in a fractured world where the systems of the past need to be revisited in order to eradicate poverty, inequity and social injustice. We need ideas, strategies and movements that can bring together all those who are working to build a better world in sustainable, impact-driven and scalable ways. Omniprenuership is what I’m betting on to help build a better world and help people live a life of meaning.

In the book, I define it as “A life of meaning is one that is fulfilled and useful — one in which small, everyday moments as well as grander actions combine to create something that makes the world a better place in some way. Of course, there is meaning in everything we do, if we look for it — whether we’re feeding the birds or feeding starving people, protecting a single child or millions of them, growing a tree or saving a whole rain forest. I would argue that giving, in any form, makes life meaningful, because giving is love.”

We have found that people from all walks of life, from different geographies and industries and across gender and age all share the common desire to make their dreams come true. And that is where Omnipreneurship comes in, providing a framework and a variety of tools to ensure successful outcomes.

One of the aphorisms I always find myself quoting to my family, friends and colleagues to provide motivation is Voltaire’s “perfect is the enemy of good”. I believe that to begin a task with the intention of completing it; to set a goal with a defined finish line in mind, is one of the key contributors to leading a balanced and meaningful life.

In my own career, which today extends beyond the thirty-year mark, I’ve been invested in bringing my own defined life goals to fruition, which can be boiled down to one thing — to be a responsible global citizen. I am committed to a balanced approach between our business activities and giving initiatives all seen through the lens of sustainability and how it relates to people, profit, philanthropy and the planet. By considering and acting on every aspect of my life –personal, family, health, career, spiritual amongst others, I am fuelled by hope and driven by discipline to get closer to achieving my goals.

With this inaugural piece for the first Omnipreneurship Newsletter I invite you to join us in this journey and participate in the conversation. The origins of the word “omni” come from the Latin “omnis” which means ‘all’. We are all here in one place — the great, mighty Earth — and we should all be working to making it better.

Let’s get to work!

Amr Al Dabbagh

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CEO, Philanthropist, Author, Omnipreneur, Founder of @StarsFdn, @JoinPhilU, @PhilEnt_Forum. Giving, Earning, Sustaining through Omnipreneurship.