Uber or Careem, that is the question!

Uber or Careem? Two of the most famous online taxi apps — are up and running in Egypt, offering Cairenes a quality alternative transportation at a click of a button.

I am an ordinary user who had the chance to test and try out the 2 services, here is what I have collected in my own experience:

Firstly, both brands have the same car models and brands.


  • Uber exists in 58 countries all over the world.
  • Careem exists in 17 countries all over the Middle East and Africa region.

Registration Usability:

  • Uber needs you to keep the GPS Location on all the time, which highly consumes the battery and this is annoying, also it’s mandatory to have credit card to create an account.
  • Careem enables you to open the application without enabling GPS Location, it require 3G connection and Wi-Fi as well to be more accurate in detecting location, and doesn’t require credit card to create an account.

Ride Option:

  • Uber offers only economy cars.
  • Careem offers economy and business cars.

Availability of rides:

  • Uber most of the time “No Cars Available” or available in double fare (2x).
  • Careem much more available everywhere but with a little bit higher fare.

Request pickup time:

  • Uber you can only request it “NOW”.
  • Careem provides 2 different pickup times, either you can take it “NOW” or “LATER” with extra charges for later rides.

Pickup Usability:

  • Uber enables user to save home address and work for easy access every time but can’t add more than 2 addresses.
  • Careem have enhanced maps that provide the user with location nearby unique spots to help user identify the pickup location easier also you can add comments on the pickup and drop-off location to the driver. (I couldn’t find it easily to save addresses yet the feature exists when you tap on the map to add pin on your desired location with multiple addresses)

Car request usability:

  • Uber provides good experience where you can know where is the nearest ride within range of (7 to 9KM depends on day or night) and the ETA before even requesting the ride.
  • Careem provides poor experience at requesting as you can’t see the nearest car with the ETA (This feature is updated and fixed in the latest release nearest ETA).

Track your ride:

  • Uber provides tracking service to your ride after submitting your request even if you close your app you can track it easily when you re-open the app.
  • Careem provides tracking service to your ride as well but when you close the app after submitting the request, the app hides the ride track, and the user needs a lot of effort to get grip of where to retrieve it back on screen until he realizes it’s at the “Sharing Button” icon. This definitely misleads the user giving them bad user experience.

Sharing ride Info:

  • Uber yes you can.
  • Careem yes you can.

Splitting ride fare:

  • Uber yes you can.
  • Careem no you can’t.

Ride Feedback/Driver Evaluation:

  • Uber enables users to rate drives from within the app which is a nice usable feature.
  • Careem receives rating and feedback only through SMS.

Fare rate:

  • Uber Starting Fare: 3 EGP, 1.3 EGP per kilometer + 0.2 EGP per minute, Minimum Fare = 8EGP
  • Careem Starting Fare: 5 EGP, 1.65 EGP per kilometer, Minimum Fare = 10EGP

Customer Service:

  • Uber has an in app help service and a technical team uses emails communication with the users, with a great response and compensation.
  • Careem has 247 call center number that answers clients’ inquiries.

Trip Cancellation:

  • Uber will deduce 8 EGP after 5–10 minutes of cancel order.
  • Careem will deduce 10 EGP after 5–10 minutes of cancel order.

Trip Bill:

  • Uber Trip receipt is sent to client’s email with more details on the trip.
  • Careem Trip receipt is sent to client’s email with less details.

Payment methods:

  • Uber through credit card only.
  • Careem through credit card or cash.

Trip History:

  • Uber gives you the full history of your trips with payment and driver details and this available through the mobile app and website
  • Careem you don’t have the history log of your rides on mobile app but you can access it through the website.

At Last, The two companies lack a good user experience in their apps. They need to enhance it and provide a better experience and usability, at the end of the day the user is the one who has the last word on which is better!

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Careem: QDOQDN73RJ


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